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D(( ( A1u ((u+), A1g = (1, J = (1 IR Just like diatomic DJ = 0 possible = (1, J = 0 Raman due to K = 0 if electron angular momentum ( vibrations ( distort molecule from linear (bend) C(( - E1 (x,y) ; D(h - E1u ((u) ( IR allowed. C(( - E1, E2 ; D(h - E1g,2g ((g, g) ( Raman allowed
modes de vibration Eg et T2g pour la bande d absorption 4T2g qui ne présente pas de structure fine. Nous avons analysé le comportement piézospectroscopique de la transition dipolaire magnétique 6A1g ~ 4T1g(I) afin de
The lowest calculated Raman active A1g mode frequency at 101cm-1 is due to the vibration of Ba atoms and this agrees very well with the experimental frequency at 104cm-1.
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The scattering rate between A1g coherent phonon and room temperature incoherent phonons is derived by measuring the pump-fluence-dependent scattering rate of A 1g coherent phonon. It is observed that the energy coupling from photoexcited carriers to lattice through coherent phonon vibration is more efficient and faster at higher pump fluence.
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